Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goodbye Serambi....Welcome Kubah

We moved to this Serambi home somewhere back in August 2004 after selling the house in Taman Mesra. The reason for our move at that time were mainly because of the not so condusive area there being too near to the Federal highway, too prone to flooding and most importantly that the nearest mosque is more than 2 kilometers away !The house in Serambi was chosen because I had specifically asked the Property agent back then to find a house within the distance of 5 minute walk to the mosque! Allah granted our wish thus we moved to Serambi !

After more than 7 years, inshallah in few short months, we will be moving to a new home nearby as the current home is getting smaller and lacking in space ! The Serambi Home has been sold to a doctor specialising in aesthatic beauty and at the moment title transfer process is taking place. The buyers, are both husband and wife medical doctors and in thier early 30s. I got a reasonably good selling price for the house though the actual market price maybe slightly higher now. I am not really concerned about this because my initial estimate of the Serambi unit is well below my agreed selling price and also the fact that the house that we are going to buy at the Kubah area is slightly under the expected market value ! Allah has determined these transactions and All Praises be upon Him for this nikmah !

Inshaallah, our new home will be a corner unit along Jalan Kubah U8/52 with built area of 4500 sq. ft. The Sales and Purchase agreement has been signed, loan has been secured and we are just waiting for the appointed lawyers to execute the necessary paper work for the land office to change the title and more importantly for the bank to release the money to the vendor ! Haji Z, The seller is such a nice and humble person although he is a big shot of the Satellite TV company. May Allah bless the transaction between him and myself and may Allah make the house that we buy from him a heaven on earth for the family...

Inshaallah, may Allah forbid any hiccups in the transaction, we shall be able to move to the new home within 2-3 months. I am planning to do a bit of renovation and landscaping work for the house but not until we officially got the keys from Haji Z...and that can only happen when he recives his full settlement!

Up to now, Allah has made it easy for us in the two transactions, selling and buying. From getting potential buyer of the Serambi home, to getting the loan and a a reasonably good deal for the Kubah house, All the doa's and effort to get the family a 'Sunah Compliance' home have so far been bestowed by Allah. Only Allah can give what he wants and can take back what he wants from all of us anytime He pleases..

Here's some photos of inshaallah, our new home in Kubah..

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's been more than a Year

Yeah..that's how long it is since my last posting. Many things have transpired in between but either they are kept in my memories or in my moleskine ! Mostly are routine news but since last year, my Hajj trip with my other half is something that I feel deserved to be broadcasted although it's been almost a year now..here are some photos..