Monday, June 23, 2008

Qou Vadis ?

I must admit that lately I have kinda lost interest in blogging due to many reasons. Apart from the obvious work, I am also quite busy with the family. In particular, my eldest daughter has been accepted to further her study in Dentistry oversea and at the moment she is having a 3 month preparatory course at INTEC Shah Alam organised by Mara. Actually, I am quite thankful to Allah because she secured a scholarship under the Skim Pelajar Cemerlang and that means both my other half and myself will not have to worry so much financially to support her study oversea. We are also a bit busy at home now that we have decided not to have a home helper after relying on them for more than 18 years. I think we secured more privacy at home without the helper and also I beleive my other half is also happier albeit that she is quite busy nowadays to manage the household chores herself.

With only our two kids at home now being my second daughter in boarding school, I also decided to swap the family Unser to the more ecomical VIOS. With the fuel hike, I think this is a good option and later perhaps if there is rezeki bestowed upon us, we might get an SUV for my Altis.

I also has stop spending a lot of time on my RC Heli hobby. The escalating part prices and also the time constraint for me to be at the flying field prompted me to reasses this hobby. Instead at the moment, I am trying to polish my skill on pencil potraiture to add to my photography hobby which is still remains as my best hobby yet. This hobby is much much cheaper than the Heli and I hope it can stick with me for a long time. I thought I would like to share these pencil sketches and invite comment if any..the sketches originated from photos taken on my friends and family and I must admit that I really need to learn more to get the best result!