Monday, January 25, 2010

About Giving and Taking

This is my first entry for the new year. My last one was few days before Eid last year and after that I was not updating my blog. I could give million reasons for not updating but suffice to say the interest in me has for some reason wane down a lot, although, I still keep my moleskine updated as much as possible.

Last year was a mixed-bag for me. Career wise, I was promoted to the management position and alhamdullilah, was confirmed on time despite the ups and downs of the office ambiance and politics. At personal level, I lost my only sister due to cancer on 21 December. She was suffering for several months and her final days was so agonizing even for us to watch. Berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul. But alhamdullilah, her passing was peaceful and judging from her face just before she was laid to rest, I can only say that it was a releive for her as her face was so calm, fair and peaceful. I hope Allah has bestowed upon her all blessings and put her together with those who Allah reda in alam barzah and may Allah also give strength to those she leaves behind, her husband and her children..

The beauty of being a Muslim is that we will be reunited with our love ones in akhirat but it is for us to decide and strive that the meeting place will be in jannah..this belief gives us strength to continue living with syariat and remind us of how fragile life is and how we should not be forgetting that we come from Allah and to Him that we will come back...

My other half, Dayah, Zudin and me went to Bali also in December during the school holidays. It was so unfortunate for Pijah as she as not able to join us due to her SPM exam although the ticket was already purchased. Ape nak buat, tak de rezeki. Insha'allah, we will find another occasion where we can go as a whole family or perhaps when Fatin is back home this year...

My azam for this year is to be better than last year..but, above all, I really like to perform the Haj together with my other half if Allah permits of now, we were told that our turn will be in 2011 but we are trying to appeal for this year's pilgrimage to Mecca..May Allah allow for for that to happen...amin ya rabbil alamin.