Thursday, December 27, 2007

Syukur Kepada Allah...

My second child, Kak Ngah obtained straight A's in her PMR result announced today. As a father, I can only thank Allah for this achievement and to Kak Ngah, congratulation on this excellent result. What is even more important is to use this achievment as a cornerstone for a bigger one. In life, a real achievement is not measured by the grade that we obtained but how much effort and perseverence that we can endure in all of our trials and tribulations. All good things come from Allah..and all things good or bad in this transient world will come to an end someday..when bitterness reaches it's peak...sweetness will follow...that is a sunatullah for those who can persevere for the sake of Allah...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Back to Square One

It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.

The announcement has been made. As it turned out, nothing much different then what have been speculated. To most people it must have been anti-climax. To few people like me, the announcement has created more uncertainties and confusions. The new structure has resulted in many people being promoted to say the least. My boss will be reporting to the new divisional VP and our department will be splitted. Two sections from the former unit will also be joining my boss and will be working under the jurisdiction of the newly created VP position. As for me and the rest of the staff of the three sections excluded from joining the VP, we are still unsure of our fate. I like to refrain myself from speculating further as what has been decided has been decided and no turning back. I just hope that the power that be will place us in the current division where we can contribute the best for the company.

My new position in the old unit is a very welcome relief to me in the mids of the organization restructuring melee. Although I just held the position for two weeks already, I have noticed that there are a lot to be done and should have been done before. The first thing I did was to introduced a new working structure that will be fair to all ten of my subordinates. In big compnay like this where your assets are growing everyday, efficient work process and adherence to system procedure is utmost important in ensuring that targets can be encomplished. In my very first meeting with my staff, I emphasized the concept on disciplining others in the company when it comes to requesting assistant from us. As a unit which manages few billion ringgit worth of assets, we could not afford to accomodate others if they fail to help themselves and be organised. Gone where the days where problems of others are also our problems as this accomodating gesture will only promote lackadaisical attitude on the responsible parties. I beleive that we should embrace ourselves to the modern thinking of working efficiently and not expecting others to solve our problem. Yes, we are to help each others to solve common problems but individual issues must be solved individually. To me, to each it's own.

In few days the curtain of 2007 will be closing and the new horizon of 2008 will be beckoning. I don't have specific resolution to make for the new year but I hope that more people will be happier working in this company with the new organization changes announced last week. As usual for a muslim, I strongly beleive in qada' and qadar Allah. But I also beleive in working hard and making total commitment towards our responsibility. In the end, it's not what others' think about us that matters... as long as what we do is being redha' by Allah..Amin

Monday, December 3, 2007

Calm before the Storm

There are two ways of being rich. One is to have all that you want. The other is to be satisfied with all that you have.

There are so many rumours about a major announcement to be made by the power that be of the company on restructuring exercise for several divisions. As the small pawn trying to make the ends meet in this company, this kind of rumour normally do not concern me that much. However this time for some reason, the rumours kinda affects many people including me, to some extend due to the unexpected turn of events lately especially when Penang has been hit by major blackout. Rumour has it that we may have new leader in the division and some also say that our department will be split to join other division. To me, whatever it is, for such announcement to be made, it must have been a long and thoroughly planned event irrespective of what has transpired in the last 2-3 weeks. The event on November 20th was just an icing on the cake for some people.

For the last twenty years, I have seen many things as a worker of the company. CEO' or Presidents came and went. VPs and GMs retired and rehired. People got sacked for disciplinary issues and people got transferred because of bad discipline. However, I am still could not grasp the idea of people got 24 hour transferred because of one major blackout. Really come to think of it, good power engineers are only good in absentia. If anybody suffers no blackout at all, chances are nobody will even think about them and let alone to thank him or her for the job well done. It is always easy to point finger to anybody but the truth is, it's hard to accept the fact that we are also part of the problem. Last week during the conference in Sunway, I was quite impressed on how Petronas took the initiatives to reduce the power quality problem that has been plaguing them due to faults in the supply system. I guess that's why there are No 18 in the world now. They choose to solve their own problem rather than asking others to solve theirs. I still believe that any achievement of an organization are the result of the combined efforts of each individual. And that also applies to any major failure. Simply put, blaming an individual for something that is done collectively is as good as ignoring the real issues. But then again, blaming is always easy to do.

I am also expecting a lateral change real soon. My new portfolio will be even more challenging and also will be more complicated based on the amount of resources available. But that kind of situation is quite normal to me having to experience it twice in my career already. About five years ago I was asked by the CEO of the company then to start up a small unit in a subsidiary company. I think that was one of the most rewarding time in my whole career. I did a lot of setting up before a proper unit can be managed. At the same time, I also had RM5 mill contract to deliver. It was tough but alhamdullilah, I think I managed quite OK. The present position where I am now was also started with minimum manning level and uncoordinated processes. Alhamdullilah, after more than three years managing it I think I have done just enough for a new leader to set in and contribute new ideas. I am always reminding myself and other that when we work with a company, we are not to make ourselves indispensable. We should strive for clear process and transparent operation so that everyone knows whats going on. The danger of being indispensable is that we will not be able to generate new leader and ideas and worse still, the company may have to retain a worker longer than required. Although I am bit disappointed on the way things finally turns into in the light of my boss promotion, I like to see things as positive. In life, what sometimes appears to be the end is really a new beginning and new beginning promises a lot. I am also beginning to feel that load is heavier now, but to me, is it a sign that I am climbing, and whatever it is I can only appreciate it when I can reach it.

In life change is inevitable. However, it is not the changes we take, but it’s the choice we make that determines our destiny...