Sunday, December 31, 2006

Books and Schools

I took my family to do some text and reference books shopping at Jalan TAR on Saturday. We visited Minerva Bookstore and Pustaka Mukmin which is just the opposite site of the former. At Pustaka Mukmin, I bought a book entitled "Mukjizat Al-Quran" at the cost of RM58. The main reason why I bought this book is because this book is always qouted by Uztaz Kariman in his tafseer lecture series. At a glance, this book is very good and inshallah, will be one of my main reference book from now on. I also bought a book entitled "Indeks Al-Quran-Panduan Mencari Ayat Al-Quran" at the cost of RM35. This is a kind of encyclopedia for the holy Quran and I find it very useful and concise.

Ou next stop yesterday was Harrison to get some fabrics and later to Pertama Complex for lunch. I also did a quick stop at Foto Selangor in Pertama Complex to have a close-up review of the new Canon EOS 400DSLR while my wife was visiting her favorite boutique nearby. I like this camera but at the moment it will have to make ways for other priorities. The cost, RM3180 minimum.

In short, Saturday was quite a hectic day for us and we ended it up with a dinner at the Big-Plate in Kg Subang. Cost, priceless.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Short Trip to Kuala Selangor

We went to the MPKS office to settle the assessment fees for our Puncak Alam home. The journey was smooth except at several stretches along the way where big lorries and trailers were busy making their trips on the 2-lane highway. MPKS office was located almost at the center of the Kuala Selangor town and looking at its features, I think this building is quite recently open for business. I took less than 5 minutes to settle the bill and then we decided to have a quick look at historical Bukit Melawati. The last time I visited this hill was probably more than 3 years ago and there was not much change since then. While driving to top of the hill, our car was literally stopped by stray monkeys which I supposed were trying to look for food from the normal visitors there. We were quite nervous as the monkeys did not make any attempt to be out of our way despite my 'threat' of running over them. I guess these monkeys were too familiar with people and also cars that they would assume that we meant no harm to them. Finally, seeing that we have no food to offer, they gave way for us to continue reaching the top of the hill.

The view from the top of the hill is just OK for me as I have seen many such views somewhere else. Finally, after less than 5 minutes of appreciating the view of Selat Melaka from the lookup point, we descended the hill and continue our journey home.,

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Can You Guess Who is He ?

Hint: Currently he is probably among the leading power engineering experts in Malaysia and maybe in the world. Known to be hardworking and focus in what he is doing. Among his greatest achievement todate is recipient of the Malaysian IEEE Chapters's Engineer of the Year Award and Malaysian National Commitee of CIGRE Person of the Year Award of 2006. He used to be my boss about 10 years ago but decided to be on his own and set-up his own consultancy firm only after UTM Tronoh wasn't able to take him aboard as a full-fledge professor. I heard his company now is multi-national (and maybe multi-millions too) as his clients are from all-over the world. I still remember some of his words before he decided to resign and be on his own, albeit not in the original wording.

"We will come to a point in our life where we have to decide whether to become rich or wise". He chose to be wise first but I seriously feel that he is also very rich today !

Whoever he wishes to be today, he is a classic example of total commitment, humbleness and integrity and last but not least, success!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Faizal !

I know Faizal since he joined us as a contract staff under the SKS programme way back in 2002. Today, he is a fully-employed staff with excellent attitude towards his duty and great future ahead of him. And, he also turns 29 today. As for me, in few more days inshallah, I will complete my 19 years in service and will start the 20th year of my career in power sector industry.

I have learnt so much in 19 years but one thing for sure, the more your know, the more you have got to learn. However, among the most valuable things I learnt is to listen to other opinions and listen intently before making any decision. We are not the passer of judgement but rather a decision maker of which this ability has been bestowed on us by Allah. This is what Allah has reminded us in Al-Quran Surah Az-Zumar Ver 18 " yang mendengar perkataan lalu mengikuti apa yang paling baik diantaranya, mereka itulah orang2 yang telah diberi petunjuk dan mereka itulah orang2 yang mempunyai akal"

For Faizal, Happy Birthday , and for the rest of us, at whatever stage in our lives, one thing for sure is that we will have to face the consequences of whatever decision we have made or will be making. Only for a muslim, our decision is always guided by iman and taqwa. Wallah-hua'lam.


On Christmas day of 2006, me, my wife and our four kids attended the wedding of my office mate Mr Amin Majid in Kajang. It was a lovely occasion attended by many familiar faces from the office as well as by those from the power sector industry. The reception was well attended and its evidenced by the capacity-crowd canopy shades where the dining tables were located to serve buffet-stylelunch


Like everything else in life, marriage is part of the big circle of life that almost everyone will experience. To those just got married or about to get married, marriage is full of excitement and joy. In reality, marriage is an institution of total commitment, sincerity, sacrifice and perseverance. Being a muslim, the concept of 'lillahi-taala' helps in making a marriage a commitment to Allah and thus benefits not only your spouse and kids but the whole mankind in general with joy and happiness.

To Amin Majid, "Selamat Pangantin Baru" and May Allah bless your marriage always.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Maiden Posting on Blog

This is my first blog. Not so sure what to write yet but enough to say that I am a bit tired from the journey to Ipoh yesterday attending the wedding of Zamri's sister. The traffic jam going and coming back was terrible...but I hope the trip to the Lost world of Tambun made up the for the long journey home...