Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Challenges Ahead..

I would not want to categorise it as the best day of my life but suffice to say that it does make me happier than before. Yes, finally, on April 11th , I received the letter for my promotion to the management level albeit I still have about 3-4 months more of probabationary period to undergo. For me the first hurdle is now cleared but the next several months will be a challenging time as I still have to prove that I truly deserved it.

I also received few congratulatory messages from friends and bosses but I felt the cards and messages from my staff are the ones that really touched me. For me, this promotion is the acknowledgement of our success in convincing the management that together, we can deliver. The vacated post was never advertised and I feel that this is the signal from the management that everyone within the unit can take up the position qualifies as if we have the first right of refusal.I told everyone in my unit that this is a collective success and we should strive even harder now to achieve a greater height.

I know that I have not been blogging for quite a while. Partly this is due to time constraint but more pertinently, I tend to write on Moleskine journal more and more now. I feel that writing on a piece of paper is more personal and meaningful as compared to typing in the cyber space. I can also doodle and draw on the journal and that makes my entry more livid and easier to remember.

I was in Singapore yesterday attending the Joint Operation Meeting with our Singaporean counterparts. What I noticed was that there were not so many people patronizing the shopping complexes there. Perhaps, the global economic slowdown at the moment does have some effect on purchasing power of so many poeple. Or maybe, people are just a bit cautious in spending thier money in anticipation of further economic slowdown. Nonetheless, one good quality of the Singaporean business people is that most of them are very polite and helpful with thier customers. This is definely a plus point for them to ensure repeat customers in the future.