Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blessing of Ramadhan

It's been more than 2 weeks since I posted my last blog. As we are now in the 8th day of Ramadhan, my schedule at home changes a bit to accomodate Tarawih and I simply feel 'lazy' to write at night. However, this morning I feel a bit excited to write because this feeling of sluggishness if not handled properly, could lead me to total state of laziness and may effect my focus at work.

I was informed by Nosh that one of my friend's child was electrocuted and passed away last night. I am not very close to him but I knew him by association with other colleagues of mine and also professionally at work from time to time. I am not also too sure how old is his child but I was told that he lives in Section 13 Shah Alam. May Allah bless the soul of his child and May Allah also bestow upon him patience and perseverence to endure this test, especially in this holy month of Ramadhan.

In ten days, my second daughter will be taking her PMR exam. I am praying to Allah for her success in this exam. I hope she can also get similar result like her elder sister two years ago with straight As.Judging from her trial, insha'allah she can make it. Day before yesterday she told me that she got the highest mark on her English Literature paper. Her teacher in fact asked the class to read what she has written on her test paper. I actually took a peek but don't quite understand what it was all about really..well, least she is quite ok in her English.

My cameras are temporarily put to rest this Ramadhan. I think I also need a break for awhile after taking more than 3000 photos this year. Insha'allah, they will be put to service back this Syawal and I am quite sure they will do a lot of work for me :)

So far, Gondai Jr has been fasting without fail this Ramadhan. He also did not miss any sahur yet. The thing with children which I sometime fail to comprehend is their energy level. I did not see so much different in him fasting or not in terms of his exuberance and also intensity to play or move around. Simply put, he just does his stuff without complaining of tiredness, sleepiness or even hunger. Only on certain days that he did mention of being 'haus sikit' but apart from that, he seems to be oblivious about the fact that he is fasting. As usual, my other half is the busiest of us in Ramadhan preparing the food especially during sahur. She wakes up at about four in the morning and only wakes me up and the children when everything is ready on the table. Being a career woman herself, I really appreciate what she does to the family and I think only Allah can reward her accordingly for such a noble sacrifice!

There is a lot of speculation about internal staff movement within the department. I used to have high interest in this issue particularly after I was selected as one of the talent pool candidates. There was an informal words about me successing the boss and stuff like that when I was following the management course. However, judging from the remarks and the way things went against me lately, I sincerely feel that I am out of the picture for the immediate succession programme. But alhamdullillah, I really don't feel bad about it anymore. I recall vividly remark made by one of my retired bosses that "you will get what is coming to you". Everything is from Allah and we just have to be patient on what comes to me for now, I just want to give my every best to the company irrespective whether I am giving or taking the order...