Thursday, April 17, 2008

Celebrating Birthday !

Exactly 9 days last week, my eldest daughter celebrated her 18th birthday. Wow ! time really flies and suddenly I really feel that I am very old now !...with my second daughter already in boarding school, it is going to be me, my other half and my other two kids at home when she leaves for tertiary education soon, insha'allah...well life is like that...all of us have to face the eventuality..and the life hereafter is better than this transient life on earth..

Also, last weekend I took the oppurtunity to mingle with the RC helicopter pilots in BJ vacant lot.I was really amazed by the proficiency of most of the pilots there. They flew thier helis like it is the easiest thing to do on earth. As for me, I am just able to hover my helis. It will probably will take me many months or years before I can do the the 3D aerobatic stunts made by those guys..

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