Sunday, February 8, 2009

Reminiscene the Old Days...

I was in Bogor Indonesia during the Chinese New Year Holiday attending the HAPUA meeting. The host nation overlooked the fact that during that week many countries around the ASEAN region were having two day public holidays and as a result, many were not able to attend the meeting. Nonetheless, the meeting went really well and we achieved what need to be achieved for the initiative that all of us will embark on later.

Prior to my departure to Jakarta, I started a small home-based project of digitizing and restorating old photo collection from the family albums. Some of these photos were more than 25 years old and needed a bit of touch-up using photoshop software to bring back the colors. I asked my daughter (well I rewarded her with some extra pocket money later) Hidayah to help me in the scanning work while I focussed on editing and compiling them on the PC. Together, we managed to digitize more than 200 photos and this are probably only 20% of the total photo collection from my albums as well as from my other half's. I decided to upload a few in this blog to remind me later that this old photo restoration work will continue in the future insha'allah...

This is me...some 24 years ago somewhere between Ohio and West Virginia...just feel like yesterday...


  1. Ada lagi tak gambar-gambar lama famili kita. Kalau ada aku nak download.

  2. Gambar-gambar klasik ni memang menyentuh perasaan terutamanya yang ada gambar mak tu.

  3. Salam Gondai,

    Finally I am Here..


    I'll definitely come back for more, especially on pictures,lenses and cameras.

    Selow, selow, pelan, pelan.

    The Lumix, the Canon Gs are on my mind for sometimes. SLRs are not. Too bulky for me.

    Any other suggestions ?

    Were you sitting on a Buick Skylark then ?

  4. maryam nadiah ishakFebruary 17, 2009 at 2:20 PM

    rindu nye dekat arwah the way..anak pakchu sume memang cute2..boliaw la paling cute sekali..hehehe