Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramadan 1430H

Today is the fifth day of Ramadan of the year 1430H. Alhamdullilah, so far I have not been hit by painful headache or aching caused by joint pain unlike the previous fasting months. Perhaps, the zyloric that I am taking on daily basis now has reduced the Uric Acid level in my body. The craving for cigarette is also reduced tremendously and alhamdullilah, this year's Ramadan I did not suffer from Nicotine Withdrawal! Thanks to the Quitting Smoking initiative I am doing at the moment post my littho surgery last month.

The number of Jemaah going to the BJ mosque for tarawih has also increased significantly. This is normally the time of the year where one can meet up with many muslim brothers whom on any normal days or months will probably come to the mosque for Friday prayers only. Despite the extension to the back and left sides of the mosque, the capacity seem inadequate especially on the first night where some had to pray on the pavement. Although this is very encouraging, it will be a lot nicer to see such a large crowd on normal days after Ramadan :-) Good thing is, even Fajar prayer congregation also increased significantly. I counted up to 5-6 rows of jemaah (excluding the muslimah section) and if each row accomodates 35-40 people, we can get few hundred jemaah attending Fajar Prayers!

My doa and azam for this Ramadan is to complete full 30 days of tarawih. The last time I did this was probably when i was in secondary school more than 25 years ago! May Allah give me the strength and accept all the ibadah I have done thus far..amin..

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