Thursday, July 19, 2007

Photo Blog : Putrajaya Day Scenes

Putrajaya is one of the so many places in the Klang Valley area of which I really like to take pictures of. Naturally, I have been to this area so many times since even before 1998 when this area was still under development.In fact way back in 1997, I was assigned to work together with a Japanese utility to study the distribution electrical infrastructure for this highly publicised area. That work resulted in at least three trips to Tokyo for me between 1997 and 1999 and at times we stayed in Tokyo to work with the consultant for a period of three weeks straight. Long enough for us to know Akihabara, Shinjuku, Ginza and of course Tokyo Disneyland! One of my friends that was with us during the Tokyo work is vey fluent in Japanese as he used to study in Tokyo for six years. He taught us a lot of Japanses culture and of course, he knows many places where we could buy things reasonably cheap in Tokyo area.

Today Putrajaya is such a majestic city. I am not so sure of how much money government has spent on its development todate but suffice to say that much more money will be spent in the coming years. However, most of the foreign visitors that I have personaly brought to this place were very much impressed with it and perhaps, all the money spent on developing this area will be worth it some day !

The following photos are some pictures of Putrajaya that I took few months ago when I took my family for a Sunday stroll. In fact Putrajaya is not a very unfamiliar place to us as my brother is one of the residence of this city and his home has been frequently visited by us.

The two photos above were taken from a Putrajaya Boating Club near Precint 8. Perhaps, the views will be even better at night. The following photos were also taken from the same site. It is the rear view of the Putrajaya Mosque which also located just beside Putrajaya waterfront.

Near the Agong Palace in Putrajaya, there is a beautiful garden overlooking the Prime Ministers office and also the famous Putrajaya bridge. As this garden is located on top of a hill, one can also see overall view of Putrajaya and the following two samples photos can better describe the condition...

Well, the last photo is the picture of Gondai Jr. He was not even born yet when I first set foot in this area sometimes in late 1997, when Putrajaya was still covered with rubber trees. Insha'allah, I will be making more trips to Putrajaya in the future. One of the highest priority on my Putrajaya agenda is to take the night photos. Hopefully, I could find the time and energy to realise this 'project' of mine !

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