Monday, October 22, 2007

Images of KT on Syawal 1428H

We made our journey to KT on second day of Raya. As expected, the traffic was quite smooth with almost no congestion albeit we could still see many cars making thier journey to the east coast. Along the way, we made several stops at the rest areas or at the service station. In general most of the service areas were crowded with people and not as empty as we might have expected. It was more than 7 hour journey from KL to KT with all the stop overs including Pantai Teluk Chempedak were we had our Nasi Lemak lunch prepared at home by my other half.

In KT, as of the normal things people do during Hariraya, we visited close relatives to my other half around KT. Now, KT has Giant Hypermarket and Mydin which were recently open. I heard that locals are flocking to these hypermarkets and added up to the traffic congestion around this area. In fact, the bridge connecting KT and seberang Takir was so congested that some had to take 1.5 hours by car just to cross it during the Raya period !

I also took the oppurtunity to snap many views in KT. The following photos were taken mainly at Kuala Ibai and Marang and I thought they are quite good to be posted here. Enjoy !

Masjid Putih at Kuala Ibai

Near Marang Jeti to Pulau Kapas

Near Marang Jeti to Pulau Kapas

View of Pulau Kapas from Pantai Kelulut

View of the uncompleted Masjid Kristal from Losong

Closer View of Masjid Kristal

Road in front of Pasar Payang

View inside the Pasar Payang Textile Store

Selection of Fabrics

Sea Products of Pasar Payang


  1. bro gondai. kalau besarkan lagi sket gambar2 tu lagi menarik rasanya. hehehe :)

  2. Saya cuba elakkan dari upload time yang lama untuk visitors kalau gambar-gambar tu besar...