Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year...New Challenges

Live each day as if it was your last, and you will find each day worth living for.

It has been quite awhile since my last posting. Lots of events that matter to me has transpired between December and now. In January, my other half and me attended the ceremony and prize giving award to students in Selangor who had excelled in the last PMR examination. Alhamdullilah, my daughter was one of them. She received a token of appreciation in terms of RM200 for her achievement together with few hundreds other students in Selangor.

At some point, I was even thinking of abandoning this blog and go on with my busy schedule. But for some reason, when I see that my blog has actually hit past 3000 visits, I felt obliged to write again for I know that I actually have some followers. Although I don't know any of them, I figured some of them may be interested in my blog because of the photos that I posted from time to time. In addition, I also feel the need to impart as much as possible any memorable occasions that may be useful to others to learn and improved on the daily living. Well, life is full of learning experiences and it's always good to share them with others...

The year 2007 was probably just an average year to me. Career wise, I completed two management courses organised by the company. I was also selected to be in the succession management program although thus far there has been no evidence that it can be useful for any chance of promotion. Why I said this ? well I actually applied for 2 management position opening as advertised by the company but I was not even called for pre-interviews. Maybe I am not qualified enough to fill those positions despite my doctoral degree. Or maybe, I am destined to do what I am doing now until I retired. Only Allah knows best. Nonetheless, about two weeks ago I received a letter from the CEO on my extra responsibility as the head of the unit. The letter just said that I am to hold this position until June or until someone has been appointed as the chief engineer, whichever comes first. Although to some people this letter means nothing, but for me I take it very seriously as this job is very important to the company and with it, carries a lot of responsibilities. I also feel that should I fail to deliver this extra responsibility, there goes my chance to actually prove to the company that I can actually contribute to the betterment of the company. Whatever it is, I pray to Allah for his guidance so that I can become a good leader to all 38 personel in the department.

There is still a lot of issues to be addressed with respect to the task at hand now. One of the pressing issues that need to be addressed is on the realignment of personel in the department with the reduced scope of work as announced in December 2007 by the CEO. At my level I have proposed new structure for us to work with and my emphasis is on solving issues with respect to maanagement and coordination of outages in the system both from the transmission and generation perspective. I really feel that major modification of the existing structure need to be done so that better coordination and also better organization of work can be achieved. I also feel that this is the time and the chance for me to improve on the man power utilization of the department. As much as possible, I would like to see that each individual has fair and equitable work load and each of them feel accountable and fully responsible of thier responsibility. Although there is also an indication that some of the personel will be transferred due to organizational and functional changes, I still believe that this department is actually the heart and the think tank of the division and each of us bears huge responsibility.

Whatever the task I have at the moment, I fully beleive that most of us is capable to do it giving our hearts out. I also feel really thankful to Allah for at the moment I receive full support from all of my peers and personel. Gone were the days of complaining and whining about work. This is the time to prove that we can deliver and we have nobody to blame but ourselves should we fail in the future...amin.

BTW, the following photos are pictures of Kuah town in Langkawi taken from my hotel room window yesterday evening. I was not able to take good photos as we have not much time to spend due to hectic meeting schedule. Nonetheless, I really could feel now that Langkawi is really a nice place for a family vacation...

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