Monday, March 17, 2008

Allah Maha Besar....

The early part of the month of March was a indeed a memorable one for me and also for the whole family. Alhamdullilah, my eldest daughter scored straight A's in her SPM examination. To be exact, 8A1 and 3A2. I really thank Allah for this achievement, which is in fact, were not able to match by my other half and also myself during our schooling days. One day earlier, she passed her driving test and now she can legally drive the car on her own albeit having a P license for the next two years. Also last week, my second daughter got a letter informing her that she has been selected to attend a full-boarding school in Negeri Sembilan. From the look of it, she is quite happy to attend this school. She just has to adjust to the condition of living away from the comfort of home and be independent. Well, I was also in the same situation 24 years ago and my other half left her home when she was just 13 to attend TKC.

In the next few months, my eldest daughter will also leave home if she is accepted to enter any of the tertiary education institutions. At the moment, she is applying for a placement locally and oversea but we will just have to wait for the outcome. I hope, she is able to get a scholarship for this and insha'allah, with hard work achieve her dream.

Come to think of it, life is such a fast and short journey. I still remember the days when all my children were still babies or toddlers. I still remember when both my other half and myself had to commute to Kuala Kubu Baharu at least twice a month to visit my eldest at her school. Despite the traffic jam going up north from time to time, I still reliving these moments as KKB is such a small but very peaceful town. I not very sure how Batu Kikir NS will be for us but I hope it will be as nice KKB.

We also went to Parit Sulong Johor two weeks ago joining my other half's family members for the engagement ceremony of my brother in law. That was my first time in Parit Sulong and it was a memorable journey as well. I managed to rent the company's condo in PD for our stopover and I must say all the children in the convoy enjoyed the stay ! Insha'allah, we will be making another trip again to Parit Sulong for the wedding ceremony sometimes in June...

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