Saturday, July 5, 2008

Serambi Development Updae

About a year ago I posted an article about the development near the Serambi
area. I took the opportunity to snap few photos of this development on Saturday and decided to upload the photos just to highlight the progress to date.

What I can conclude is that the progress is probably right on track but I feel that it may be delayed for few weeks from it targeted completion date of July 31st as advertised on the notice board. Although the main buildings is almost completed except few painting jobs that need to be tidy up, the developer is still working very hard on the general infrastructure and landscaping work.

I really hope that once this building is ready for occupation, Serambi area can still preserve the calmness and serenity despite the intended business activities that the building will provide for. Looking from the positive aspect, I really hope that at least one convenient store be open in this building so that we do not have to travel far for some small essential sundries..

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