Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Development at Jalan Serambi U8/21

Several months ago I wrote about the impending development just few meters from my home. According to the large notice board placed at the junction to Jalan Serambi, the shop-houses are due for completion sometimes in August 2008. If everything is as per schedule, that is about a year from now.

Well, as the development has been progressing so well lately, I decided to take a peek on whats going on behind the blue zinc fence covering the construction site. Oddly enough, this blue 'curtain' has become yet another prominent landmark in BJ. Hopefully this is just temporary until the completion date one year from today.

I really have almost nothing to complaint about the on-going construction. In my opinion, the developer has done quite a good job in maintaining the surrounding area near the construction site and successful concealing the heavy-work being carry out inside. Even the noise level increase is almost negligible. If anything to complaint, my other half did tell me that the dust accumulation at our home has increase somewhat lately, maybe due to the construction work. I am not too sure whether this is pure coincidental, but last week I have to fork RM340 for the cost of servicing and repairing our bedroom air-conditioning unit. Well...maybe not

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