Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Journey of a Thousand Miles...

On August 26th, my eldest daughter a.k.a Kakak departed to Jordan with 32 others Mara scholars to pursue her degree in Dentistry. I was already on leave a week before this date together with my other half to help Kakak for her final preparation and also to organise kenduri kesyukuran and doa selamat for her long journey to Jordan. It was a very hectic week for us especially when we had to organize the kenduri, invite relatives and friends and also most importantly to get and book Pak Imam of BJ's time to come and solemnise the kenduri. Alhamdullillah, many of the friends and relatives invited came to the kenduri and the food that we ordered did not go to waste at all.

To me what is more important is for us to show our gratitude to Allah and also to seek His blessing so that Kakak will be safe in her journey to Jordan and achieve what she wants to achieve in life. As parents, both my other half and myself are very proud of her achievement to date and to secure the MARA grant but the true success for everyone is when Allah is reda on us and we also achieve success in akhirat. Success in this world is at best transient and very subjective. Some people may only consider themselves a successful person if he or she becomes very rich in life. Some may consider themselves a success if they manage to pass the SPM with Grade 2 result. Bill Gates was initially a Harvard drop-out but now who dares to say that he is not a very successful person ! Well, to me, the best measure of success is still when we can do whatever Allah asks us to do and refrain from doing anything against Allah's commands. After all the measure of how Allah reda on us is not on the worldly success that we achieve but how obedient we are in meeting His commands.

Pak Ngah and family were also at the airport with us. Obviously my other half was very sad on this occasion but I guess every loving mother in the world would do the same. My nephew Nazif took the opportunity to buy all of us dinner that night at the KLIA KFC. He will leave for Jeddah in 2 weeks time as he is currently working there with a Malaysian company.

Time really flies. Sometimes I feel its only yesterday I took Kakak on a motorcycle ride when she could still fit the Honda-Cub front-mounted carrier. Now she is few thousand miles away on her own and I ask from Allah to always give guidance and blessing to her so that she can come back safe as a very good Muslim and a qualified dental surgeon, who can serve the country and ummah, insha'allah...amin.

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  1. Salam ramadhan !!!
    First of all allow me to congratulate your family on the success !!!
    Thanks you for the invitation for lunch that day which we enjoyed very much. Sorry I had to leave early and couldn't join the tahlil session.
    It's always hard to have a young member of family leaving the nest. In my case, my eldest daughter is only slightly 2 hrs away which is not so bad. She is coming back for 2 weeks HR holiday after starting the new semester for 1 month since end August. We were lucky as the place is quite near that we personally sent her there. Somehow we didn't cry when we left her alone there in early February. But she sobbed for an hour before her friends arrived from KL.
    My first son (INTEC) is now gearing up to leave the nest insyallah in 2010.
    Nowadays our house only becomes busy on the weekend when my 2nd daughter (UiTM) and his brother head home with their laundry.
    The only permanent member other than us is my youngest Form 3 boy who is sitting for PMR next month. Insyallah we also plan to send him somewhere next year after PMR.
    Then we have the house to ourself on the weekdays at least. I can focus on my two activities ie cycling and golfing. My wife ocasionally joins me for cycling around BJ.