Sunday, December 28, 2008

Change of Guard

I am very happy with the management decision to appoint a new VP for the HR group recently. The reason that I am elated is that the present thinking to elect someone for a higher position is no longer on the basis of age but rather competency and suitability. On top of that, I am also very happy because a technical person has been appointed to that position and with this I am pretty convinced that the current management is very serious indeed to put competency ahead of seniority and I hope this thinking will spread like wild fire to other positions in the company.

Speaking about seniority, I know very well now how delicate a situation is to manage a group of people particularly when many of them are senior in terms of age than I do. There were times when I feel that few still cannot accept the fact that I am younger and yet I am the one who gets to call the shot. However, the way that I was brought up by my parents help me to become more patient and stronger in this situation. I always believe that respect is earned and not commanded and we must always respect others first before we can be respected. I know that I may have gained respect now compare to a year ago but I still believe that there is still work cut out for me to really unite people under my responsibility.

Comes January, it is going to be one year since I acted on my current position. My wish and doa for the new year is to get confirmation on this position so that I can focus more on the work rather than thinking if I ever going to get the confirmation or not. Should the management decided against this, sincerely speaking, i will not know what will I do and maybe for the best of all, just remain calm and and let Allah guide me on my next move. Nonetheless, I always believe that if we have done our best and pray a lot to Allah, we will get the answer sooner or later. The answer to my prayer to Allah may not be a Yes but it will be surely the best indeed.

I also hope that next year is going to be even a better year for me and my family. I just hope and pray it starts with a good one...Salam Maal Hijrah and Happy New Year for all readers of my blog. May Allah bless us Always !!!

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  1. May Allah Bless you too brother..congratulation and keep up with your hard work and sincerity in whatever you do. My doa.. May Allah fulfill all your prayers with the best rewards you ever wish this year.. Happy Maal Hijrah 2009...Semuga Allah memberkati kita semua dengan kesihatan, kesejahteraan dan rezki yang bertambah serta lebih keimanan ditahun ini..Insyaallah.