Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Visit to Taman Tamadun Islam

This year we decided to spend our Hari Raya Haji Holidays in Trengganu. Actually I could not really recall when was the last time we spent our Eid Holidays, well, at least the first day, in KT. As usual, going back to KT is more of a family obligation for us but this year our eldest daughter won't be able to join us as she is spending her first Eid in Jordan.

During this trip I took the opportunity to catch up on my photographic hobby and I did just that when we visited the newly open Taman Tamadun Islam near Losong.

This park exhibits several well-known mosques around the world such as Masjid Nabawi, Alhambra(Spain) and others in scale miniatures. Although the idea is quite noble, I can only lament that the finishing work of the miniature mosques are quite disappointing. Perhaps, the contractor were rushing to complete the park before the SUKMA 08 in Trengganu. One good thing about this park though is it's entrance fee is quite reasonble at RM10 for adults (you get rebate of RM3 for food) and RM5 for kids. Visitors have the choice to either just walk the park (about 1KM walk) or ride the buggy with some fees. We decided just to walk as I thought that we can enjoy the view more on our leisurely pace.

The following are some photos I managed to get during the visit...Enjoy!!!

I also took few pics of other places we visited such as the Kite Seller at Pantai Batu Buruk and also the boats near the Pasar Payang terminal.

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