Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gondai Jr Turns 9 !

On August 4th, Gondai Jr turned 9 years old. This time around my other half decided to organise a small family gathering celebrating this event on August 5th and also to invite the newly wed Abangah and his bride to our small home in BJ. We prepared some food and specially ordered nasi dagang from Trengganu Kite Nasi Dagang shop in TTDI Jaya. I also invited my sister from Kajang to attend and I also told her that we could have join birthday celebration since her daughter's birthday also falls on August 4th.

My small home in BJ was really packed with my family members and also their children. In fact, I am also a 'grandfather' now as my eldest brother's daughter, Kak Long, has a 1-year old daughter since late last year.

Everyone except my eldest brother was present. He has to attend a kenduri held by his neighbour thus missed the event at my home. Nonetheless, the joint celebration was so happening and I wish I could have this again from time to time.

With so many children and teenagers at my home at one time, I also took the oppurtunity to show my nephews and nieces some classical guitar skill that is still in me. I played them few Tarrega's pieces and also my favorite Blues tune in E-Major. I think they might have appreciated it judging from the full attention I received, short of standing ovation :-))

Event like this sometimes makes me missed my late parents. I know that my parents would be very happy to see how their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are still in close contact with each other. Despite our busy schedule, we still managed to meet each other in a very joyous occasion. I really hope in the future I could afford a better and spacious condition to have a big gathering like this, Insha'allah...

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