Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Tiring but Joyful Friendly Games...

My office organised friendly FUTSAL and Bowling matches with KLPP on August 4th 2007. The idea behind the friendly matches were actually mooted from a discussion during the JOC meeting that was held about few months back. The futsal matches were held in PJ while the bowling game at Cineleisure bowl. So unfortunately, there was also a warehouse sale nearby the futsal complex and as the result the road that leads to the Futsal centre were congested by traffic and there were no empty slots for parking even by the roadside. It was so bad that I finally told my other half to just drop me about few minutes walk to the center and asked her to go home instead joining me for the match.

There were altogether 5 mini matches and even the ladies from both side also played. I did not really remember the final overall score but I think my office did badly on most matches except the one that played by the ladies. After the futsal mathces, all of us adjourned to cineleisure for bowling ! I took the opportunity to go home first to clean up and also to fetch my other half and my son to the bowling center. Since I did not have the transport home, I got a free lift home thanks to Barodi and Naimah.

The bowling games were I would say quite balance for both side. My other half was also asked to play to make up the team for OPP. She used to be a very good bowler during her college time and I could still see the reminiscent of this judging from her score which was much better than mine. I think she got at least 4 strikes. No bad for a person who has not been bowling for very long time.

After 2 round of play, we decided to leave the center. Well, I was actually a bit tired from the futsal game. My other half also wanted to spend sometimes at the flee-market behind the curve shopping center. We went straight to this market and spent sometimes there browsing the items on sale. In short, the friendly games with KLPP was a success. To me, this kind of game should be encouraged so that personnel from both companies can get to know each other better and build-up better relationship for the benefits of everyone. Kudos to KLPP and also to OPP for such a magnificent events !

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