Sunday, August 19, 2007

My-Team 2 at Bukit Jelutong

I went to the My-Team 2 Football Carnival with Gondai Jr on Sunday morning. The event was held at the Bukit Jelutong football field about 200 meters away from my home. I was not really aware about this event initially until I heard the advertisement on the TV only on that morning. Early Sunday morning, the football field was already packed by many football enthusiasts and also hopeful applicants for the coveted spot in the My Team 2 coached by the now a celebrity, Cheby Singh.

Roads surrounding the footballs field were filled-up by many cars and almost created a traffic congestion like one will always see in KL during rush hour. There was a huge red makeshift tents and many smaller tents near the field. I was made to know that the event was to select potential candidates for the My Team2 (under 21 yrs) and also for My Kids (under 12 yrs). From the posted ads, the promoter for the My Kids team will take 6 lucky children to Manchester !

The single-line queue for registration ran almost 200 meters both for the 21 and 12 years old selection. The weather was amicable albeit it was a bit hot and sweaty. Everywhere near the field, the logo of Hotlink and Scomi can bee seen prominently. I guess there were the main sponsors for this event. There were also several clowns walking around entertaining the kids and adults alike. All of those who managed to register, were given a free T-Shirt which more or less printed with the word " I survive the My Team Test" or something like that.

After spending less than one hour on the field with searing heat, I decided to leave but not after I took several photos of a 'fire-lady', who spits fire from her mouth. I really did not know what was was the deal with her spitting fire while most people are busy testing out themselves for a spot in the team. Nonetheless, she did get a lot of attention and lucky for me as I managed to snap few good pics of her in action !

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