Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lumix LX-3 First Outing..

I made my decision! Got my Panasonic LX-3 Compact this week albeit it was not under my original scrutiny. Reason?..well it's purely due to it's big Aperture (f2.0) and sleek design. On top of that, this camera received excellent reviews on most camera critiques out there on the net. This camera is in fact a great camera for low-light photography and reasonably good bokeh under strong lighting condition. Although it's not design for superzoom type as it only has 2.5 zoom (24mm-60mm), what matters the most is it's image quality almost resembling my DSLR with Tamron Lens. On top of that, it's smaller than my previous Canon G7 as shown below.

I have not had much time yet playing with it but the following images were taken this week in early morning sunlight.

Macro capability of this camera is also quite impressive and with Optical Image Stabiliser built-in, macro work is quite fun to do !

The wide-angle of this camera is also good as I could not observe any obvious barrel distortion and the sharpness is end to end.

My preliminary assessment is that this camera is a winner although I have not yet explored it's myriad of options. This is one camera that I should not leave home without especially if I am attending any indoor function!..What about superzoom needs? well, I also have my DMC-FZ28 :-) and maybe later will post few pics from this camera as well. Syukur to Allah for blessing me with all this gadjets!!! Ameen..

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