Sunday, November 23, 2008

Superzoom and Wedding...

On Sunday my other half and I were invited to a wedding reception in Antara Gapi near Serendah. It was my cousin's daughter wedding and for him this will be the first time that he organizes a wedding reception for his family. My late father and my cousin's mom were siblings and that made me and him close relatives although in reality we are not that close that I would like it to be maybe because we seldom meet each other. Nonetheless, we are making a lot of effort to narrow the gap between many distant relatives and attending occasion like this one is one of the many ways possible. My children were not going and stayed at home as Gondai Jr was still recuperating from his circumcision event last week.

I decided to use this wedding reception to test out the superzoom quality of my DMC-FZ8 and the follwoing images were the results!

I am very satisfied with the photo quality of the DMC-FZ28. Leica lens is a very good lens indeed. Although the overall images are not quite very close to a DSLR zoom as per my Canon 70-200mm, it's lightweight and smaller size sort of compromise in the image quality area.Now, I can travel light and not miss good oppurtunity to snap great moments from afar...

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  1. Hey! Not bad for a camera of that class. Anyway, I didn't attend the wedding ceremony because I was in Taiping accompanying the Majlis Tertinggi Mahasiswa of the 14th collge for their annual seminar.