Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Office..Renewed Spirit...Renewed Hope

Recently I moved to a newly renovated room at the office. It is a bigger room than the one that I used to work in before. Although the furniture is used, nonetheless, the ceiling and walls are newly painted and it even has a set of used sofa chair apart from the normal desk. The room has a door connected directly to the meeting room and I really feel blessed and thankful to Allah for all of these. On the contrary, with the added responsibility on my shoulders now, I actually spent lesser and lesser time in my room attending meetings outside. Well, it's part of life and it's part and parcel of being a leader.

Over the last ten months, I have learnt and continously learning about management and leadership. In my opinion, management is about managing people's antiques and utilising thier potential to excel. Sometimes I also feel that management is a form of politics. I strongly beleive that I have many talented people working together with me but they constantly need guidance and motivation to contribute to the company. Leadership is also about managing the bosses. My responsibility now requires me to be closer to the bosses and as much as possible to meet thier demand in the fastest and the most efficient way possible. For sure I have changed my style of handling the bosses from before albeit sometimes I do feel I encroach the sucking up zone. Well, after my meeting with the HR numero uno I gathered that in reality no matter how sincere and smart we are trying to change things around us, bosses are always the one that need pleasing first...and I learnt that it's not the most difficult thing to do ! After all, the boss carries the ultimate responsibility and we the subordinates are merely the facilitators.

Few days ago I was also told informally that I am under a close scrutiny at the moment by the company before they can be satisfied to confirm me on my current position, as I am still under probation. I have no problem on this matter insha'allah, as I am fully aware of my responsibility and my conscience is very clear on how I should deal with things in the office. Nonetheless, to show that I am serious in changing the previous perception of being a bit rebellious as what many have said, I am trying my level best to conform to the norm of being in the management group which include even proper attire to the office and observing the tea-time and what not. I hope eventually people will understand why I behaved differently before and I am praying to Allah to guide me to be a better muslim that is a good leader and guide anybody assigned to my responsibility....ameen

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