Tuesday, December 26, 2006


On Christmas day of 2006, me, my wife and our four kids attended the wedding of my office mate Mr Amin Majid in Kajang. It was a lovely occasion attended by many familiar faces from the office as well as by those from the power sector industry. The reception was well attended and its evidenced by the capacity-crowd canopy shades where the dining tables were located to serve buffet-stylelunch


Like everything else in life, marriage is part of the big circle of life that almost everyone will experience. To those just got married or about to get married, marriage is full of excitement and joy. In reality, marriage is an institution of total commitment, sincerity, sacrifice and perseverance. Being a muslim, the concept of 'lillahi-taala' helps in making a marriage a commitment to Allah and thus benefits not only your spouse and kids but the whole mankind in general with joy and happiness.

To Amin Majid, "Selamat Pangantin Baru" and May Allah bless your marriage always.

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