Sunday, December 31, 2006

Books and Schools

I took my family to do some text and reference books shopping at Jalan TAR on Saturday. We visited Minerva Bookstore and Pustaka Mukmin which is just the opposite site of the former. At Pustaka Mukmin, I bought a book entitled "Mukjizat Al-Quran" at the cost of RM58. The main reason why I bought this book is because this book is always qouted by Uztaz Kariman in his tafseer lecture series. At a glance, this book is very good and inshallah, will be one of my main reference book from now on. I also bought a book entitled "Indeks Al-Quran-Panduan Mencari Ayat Al-Quran" at the cost of RM35. This is a kind of encyclopedia for the holy Quran and I find it very useful and concise.

Ou next stop yesterday was Harrison to get some fabrics and later to Pertama Complex for lunch. I also did a quick stop at Foto Selangor in Pertama Complex to have a close-up review of the new Canon EOS 400DSLR while my wife was visiting her favorite boutique nearby. I like this camera but at the moment it will have to make ways for other priorities. The cost, RM3180 minimum.

In short, Saturday was quite a hectic day for us and we ended it up with a dinner at the Big-Plate in Kg Subang. Cost, priceless.

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