Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Can You Guess Who is He ?

Hint: Currently he is probably among the leading power engineering experts in Malaysia and maybe in the world. Known to be hardworking and focus in what he is doing. Among his greatest achievement todate is recipient of the Malaysian IEEE Chapters's Engineer of the Year Award and Malaysian National Commitee of CIGRE Person of the Year Award of 2006. He used to be my boss about 10 years ago but decided to be on his own and set-up his own consultancy firm only after UTM Tronoh wasn't able to take him aboard as a full-fledge professor. I heard his company now is multi-national (and maybe multi-millions too) as his clients are from all-over the world. I still remember some of his words before he decided to resign and be on his own, albeit not in the original wording.

"We will come to a point in our life where we have to decide whether to become rich or wise". He chose to be wise first but I seriously feel that he is also very rich today !

Whoever he wishes to be today, he is a classic example of total commitment, humbleness and integrity and last but not least, success!

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