Sunday, May 6, 2007

Images from CIGRE SC6 2007 Colloquium Langkawi - Part III

The idea to organise the colloquium was mooted few years back by the members of the MNC-CIGRE particularly Mr Halim Osman, who is the converner of the MNC-CIGRE SC6.

Before we can secure the privillege to become the host, a lot of effort has been put by members in terms of lobbying and also promotional campaign to get maximum participants from all over the world. In year 2006 CIGRE General Session in Paris, we published a promotional video about the Colloquium to attract participants. Dr. Ridzal and myself even had the luxury to become the executive- directors of the short video programme by shooting the messages from the MNC-CIGRE Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Developing this video alone takes a lot of effort and help from the pros of TNB's Corporate Communication Department and without thier tremendous support, we would not be able to produce a good quality promotional video.

On the first day of the colloquium, a panel session was organised to address the topic of "Rural Electrification and its Role in Socio-Economic Development". Five speakers were invited comprising of both international and regional experts on socio-economic development vis-a-vis rural electrification. Each panel expert deliberated on the following issues as applicable to a country or region.
1. What roles are played by rural electrification in socio-economic development?
2. Which business models and approaches can be applied to rural electrification?
3. Which technologies offer appropriate oppurtunities in both electrification and small scale industries?
4. Environmental impacts/improvements of rural electrifications
5. Rural electrification costs and subsidies.

Apart from the panel session, technical paper presentation sessions were also conducted where delegates presented thier own experiences on this subject matter. On the second day, a representative from UNDP gave a very good presentation on rural development including electrification of Malaysia. He obviously knew what he is talking about as his data on the Malaysian background is quite up to date, at least from my humble point of view.

Dato Sidek Ahmad from TNB also presented a paper on the TNB experience. Obviously he is very knowledgeable technically and a very accomplished orator despite his very high position in the company. Other Malaysian speaker include Mr. Wong Tin Song from KTAK, and Mr. Azhar Abd Rahman from TNBES who papers attracted many for outside discussions.

The two day session was definitely a success judging from the quality of papers and discussions held. Obviously, exchanges of experience like this are not easy to do if all the experts were not housed under one roof. However, I am a bit disappointed by the fact that there were no representatives from the Ministry of Rural Development. To me, they have just missed a golden oppurtunity to learn about the experiences of other countries in rural electrification programme.

Whatever it is, the organising committee really did a good job in getting many oversea participants such as from India, USA, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, UK, Finland and China to the colloquium. Again, kudos to them for such a great event ! Kudos also to TNB for providing tremendous support for MNC-CIGRE in terms of providing IT personnel, photographer and AV staff, and also other logistic supports. Without the help from TNB, it will be difficult to conduct the colloquium successfully !

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