Sunday, May 6, 2007

Images from CIGRE SC6 2007 Colloquium Langkawi - Part IV

One of the trip organised for the delegate of SC6 Colloquium in Langkawi is the trip to Pantai Chenang town and a stop-by at Pantai Kok to observe the sunset. I took this golden oppurtunity to learn the technique of silhoutte and also to capture the moment when the sky turned to red during sunset.

The following photos were captured during the trip to Pantai Kok, Langkawi together with the colloquium delegates.

I also tried my skill on photographic silhouttes and these are some examples out of my mediocre skill.

Later, I also tried the fill-in flash technique to highlight the main object facing bright light sources. Dr Salleh and one of the colloquium delegates were used as the models of these photos and I deeply sorry for the not-so-great results !!!

We were taken to Pantai Chenang town after the sunset viewing session has completed. The town is not so busy at this time of the year and I did not enjoy taking any photos out of this condition. Nonetheless, one night earlier I managed to capture the main road of Pantai Chenang town and you can just tell how quite the town was...

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