Friday, May 4, 2007

Images from CIGRE SC6 2007 Colloquium Langkawi...Part I

The Malaysian National Committee of CIGRE (MNC-CIGRE) hosted the CIGRE Study Committee C6 Colloquium from 1-5 May 2007. The theme of the colluquium is “Rural Electrification and its Roles in Socio-Economic Development”. The event was held at the Berjaya Hotel and Resort Spa, Langkawi and was attended by about 90 participants and about 40 participants are from outside Malaysia. The five-day event included two days of CIGRE C6 Study Committee Meetings, two days of report/paper presentation, technical visit and working group meetings.

The event was organised by The Malaysian National Committee of CIGRE (MNC-CIGRE) and supported by Asia-Oceania Regional Council of CIGRE (AORC-CIGRE), Head of ASEAN Power Utility Association (HAPUA) and Persatuan CIRED Malaysia (CIRED-Malaysia). Co-sponsors of the event consist of Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Siemens Malaysia, Prestigious Discovery Sdn. Bhd., and Persatuan Penjana Bebas.

Although I was one of the organizing commitee members, I only attended the colluquium on 2nd May 2007, one day before the colluqium started on 3rd May 2007. Most of the comittee members led by Ybg. Dato' Azmi Abdullah were already there since April 30th working very hard to ensure everything will go smoothly as planned.

Originally the colluquium was planned to be be officially open by the Kedah Menteri Besar but due to an unforseen circumstance, he was not able to make it and was replaced by Y.Berhormat Dato' Ir. Nawawi, the Kuah assemblyman, who used to be an engineer working with TNB some years ago. The colluquium was officially open during a welcoming dinner held in the beachfront of the hotel and was attended by almost all of the delegates, including thier spouses.

I volunteered myself to snap photos for the event as other committee members dwelved with other aspect of the organizing work. Event like this is never easy to organised. In fact, we have started planning for the event since 2005 when we were officially informed about our successful bid to organise the colluqium in a CIGRE regional meeting held in South Africa in that year. There were so many things that need attention and we had no less than 15 committee meetings and discussions just to ensure that we would not miss a thing during the colluqium. Kudos to all committee members for a well-organised event and my sincere gratitude to Dato' Azmi, Dr. Sallehudin, Tuan Haji Ahmad Ali, Gan Boon-Hean, Dr. Ridzal, Afzan, Ina CIRED and the rest for all the hardwork.

There were more than 300 photos taken during the event ranging from welcoming dinner, golf at Datai Bay, to colluquium proper and site visits and it will be impossible for me to upload them all. However, I will post few pics in this blogs just a reminder for me on the glorious event of the year for MNC-CIGRE Malaysia. For this post, the photos are taken from the Welcoming Dinner and official opening of the colluquium. Insha'allah, my subsequent postings will show images from other events held during the colluquium...

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