Sunday, May 6, 2007

Images from CIGRE SC6 2007 Colloquium Langkawi - Part II

Berjaya Langkawi Hotel and Resort Spa is indeed a good place to have a convention. The location combined both scenic view of the sea and also serenity of the tropical rain forest. It's a chalet style residence and the closer you are to the sea the more you have to pay. My chalet was located near the jungle about 500m away from the main lobby. Luckily, Berjaya Hotel provides 24-hour shuttle service from the guest chalets to the main lobby and this is a very welcome relieve as few chalets may be as far as 1km away from the main lobby.

I stayed in a deluxe room of the resort with the front door facing the jungle and the balcony facing other chalets with very little view of the beachfront. It is a good room nonetheless but I did not get to enjoy it so much because most of the time I was at the colloquium center helping out other commitee members.

One of the event organised for the SC6 Colloquium in Langkawi was Golf at the Datai Bay Golf Club. I was not planning to play in this event but Dato' Azmi with his persuasive style talked me into playing because someone from the organizing commitee member had to accompany Dato' Sidek and few other participants of the colloquium to play. In other words, someone has got to do the dirty job :-)) In fact I did not bring my golf gears for this outing and had to rent them at the club. Nonetheless, I took this oppurtunity to also snap some photos of the scenic club and its surrounding as you can see from the following photos.

Perhaps, if anything I could remember well from the golf game at Datai Bay was the existence of 19th hole as a bonus hole for players. This hole is located just besides the beach overlooking the Andaman Sea. It is indeed a good view from here and I actually wasted one golf ball when my tee-shot hit the sea..enough said about my game that day..

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