Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Day in the Bird Park

The last time I went to the KL Birdpark was probably close to ten years ago. On Friday morning I told my other half that I would like to visit this park again for sightseeing and also for taking pictures. Thus, at around 10AM, I took the whole family to this park which is located near the Lake Garden KL.

As my last visit was very long time ago, I was not very sure of how this park will look through my vague memory. As we approached the Lake Garden area, I noticed few road signages with the KL Bird directions and also the words " Largest Covered Bird Park in the world" clearly on several of the advertisement boards. Well, I thought this is something different from 10 years ago and definitely back in my mind I am not so sure whether I can cover the whole area just in time for the Friday's prayer.

There were not so many cars when we arrived and finding a parking space was easy and we actually parked right in front of the entrance gate. We proceeded to the ticket counter and I paid RM60 for the six of us. To get to this price, I had to show my IC to the salesperson as the price tickets for non-Malaysian are actually double of the locals.

We were a given a map of the park and we basically followed the map as it provides a good starting point for the visit. First stop was at the peacock area where we can actually pet with these birds as they are very friendly and domesticated already.

I also took close to 200 photos of the birds in the park and I can easily say that the RM60 paid was worth it for photographic experience. The park is well maintained and many of the small trees I vaguely remember last time have now become mature trees and provide nice and comfortable shades from the sun. The weather on Friday morning was sunny and hot but with all the big trees covering every corner of the park, my camera sometimes demanded slower shutter speed because of insufficient lighting. Nonetheless, I fiddled with the aperture control and with 2.8L lens, this is not very difficult to do.

I can see that my children were very happy with this visit although initially they were a bit reluctant to go due to hot weather and also due to the fact they prefer going to the mall with all the air-conditioning and what not. I even suggested that we should also go to the zoo but this time only my youngest child gave me the nod of approval while the rest including my other half, responded unenthusiatically !!! Well, I can understand. When you have been living in the comfort of home and modern shopping malls, back to nature is a big sacrifice to make !

We finished the bird park tour at around 12.45PM and quickly rushed back for the Friday prayer. I also promised my children to take them for a movie on Saturday morning. I fulfilled my promise and on Saturday we splitted into two groups with all my daughters watching the Shrek 3 and my other half, my son and me watched Spiderman 3.

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  1. the pictures are getting better and better eh?

    i like the white bird where the placement is on the left of the frame and telezoomed.