Sunday, June 17, 2007

RC Car Action at Glenmarie...

I received a Fathers Day card from my children early Sunday morning. I am pretty sure the card was actually from my other half and signed by all of my beloved children. On Sunday evening, we stopped by at the Glenmarie Radio Controled Car circuit just beside the old Glenmarie road located approximatley few hundred meters to the entrance of the Glenmarie Golf and Country Club. The circuit consists of two type of RC tracks namely the off-road track for buggy-type RC cars, and the on-road track for touring type RC cars. From the look of it, I think this circuit is probably owned by someone or it could also belong to a kind of club which so many RC cars enthusiats being the members. There were not many people playing when we arrived at the entrance possibly because it was already quite late in the evening. I could see several people making their journey home carrying big luggage type boxes possibly contained thier RC cars and tools.

I jumped out of the car first and made my way to the off-track circuit first. I could see a lone gentleman handling his speeding RC buggy along the wet and muddy track. He seemed to enjoy his ride and my son and I watched him play until his buggy crashed out and turn-turled.

We proceeded to the on-road track later on and again only one person was using the track at that moment. According to my son who is at the tender age of 8 is already an 'expert' in racing cars (no thanks to his PS2 Need for Speed game), the car was Porsche 911 Carrera and I think the scale speed of that RC car may have reached at least 250kmh! The person who was handling it might be a veteran of this hobby as the way he handled tight corners was superb and very clean.

In the mid 90s, I was also kinda engrossed in this hobby but gradually stopped because of my study and also more pertinently, the cost involved in this type of hobby is quite expensive. I still have 2 old RC cars in the store at home and my son was asking me whether we can bring them to this track and have a spin. I told him that my RC cars was using battery and those he saw at the track was nitro-engine type RC cars. No way we can compete with these cars unless we switched to the nitro-engine. But actually deep in me, I am just trying to say that this hobby is expensive and we probably better off not get into it again like what I did some years ago. I hope he will understand what I mean. Perhaps, the Transformers robot I got for him earlier on Sunday will turn his attention away and focus more on something more manageable by all of us...

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