Sunday, June 3, 2007

PROGEM III - Memorable Moments

The PROGEM III course in Teluk Chempedak was probably the longest duration I have been away from home since few years back. Although the program was packed with classes and night-time discussion on projects, I somehow managed to get some time out capturing views of the Hotel and Teluk Chempedak Beach during my morning brisk walk by the beach and also night outings for dinner. The followings are some views I managed to compile for this entry.

I took more than 500 photos while in Kuantan. Most of them were taken nearby the hotel premise but there were also few night photos of the Kuantan River promenade. For day light shots, I used the Polariser filter a lot to deepen the color of the sky and also to get better contrast. For night shots, I utilised a lot of Shutter priority function to get long exposure for capturing night scenes.

I also brought along my 70-200mm zoom lens but unfortunately did not get better oppurtunity to use it. Nonetheless, my 24-85mm was the most used lens during my morning walk by the beach. I got few lucky breaks and manage to shoot few silhoute human photos by the beach.

I have also uploaded those photos to my photoblog at should you are interested to view larger images of those you see here...


  1. Collection of good photos..with lots of technical perspectives and ideas..."great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field", peter adams...,
    first photo, was taken with the idea of capturing the colors of sunset, it it could be better if the sea in the foreground captured more than the distance sky in order to give more 'feel' of horizon...The 'glare' effect in picture #2, could be minimize if proper filter was used...or to stand closer to the focused object at the correctt's gonna be too long to write here..all in all the my advise is to you, bro, to explore more on the use of filters...

  2. thanks a lot Mr Anonymus for your excellent and sincere advice..those kinda tips will stick in my head for a long time...