Friday, June 15, 2007

IEEE Industrial Lecture Programme

My boss and I were asked to give a 2-hour talk about Power System Security on Saturday June 17 at UiTM. I decided to participate on this program simply because the request was from a very good friend of mine whom over the years has become almost like a brother to me. However, he made the request while I was in Kuantan and away from the office. Thus, out of his own initiative, he took the photo from this blog and decided to use it in the leaflet he prepared for the forum. Nothing much I can do about it because the leaflets have already being circulated around and according to him, there are already many people registered to hear our talk. I just hope that nobody will have the impression that I am trying the conceal my true indentity by posting the embossed version of my photo and hopefully, we can deliver a good lecture to the academicians and also to everyone else attending the forum. Anyhow, everyone is invited and I also heard that the organiser will also serve refreshment during the forum !

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