Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dinner & Appreciation Night

On Saturday night, me together with my other half attended the IEEE Malaysia Annual Appreciation & Award Night 2007 at Blue Wave Hotel Shah Alam. We were actually occupying the table bought by MNC-CIGRE as a kind support to the IEEE-Power Engineering Malaysia which last year had also brought a table during the MNC-CIGRE Person of the Year Award dinner.

The dinner was supposed to start at 8.30PM after arrivals of VIPs but when we arrived there at 8.10PM, there were still not many people inside the banquet hall and in fact we were actually among the early birds ! This situation might have happened because it was actually raining outside and probably many guests were still on their way at that time. Nonetheless, at about 9.00PM, the dinner finally started, half an hour later than scheduled time.

There were several VIPs joining the dinner including Dato' Aishah Rauf and husband, Dato' Zainal Azirun and wife, Dr. Philip Tan and several professors from the local Universities. The table purchased by MNC-CIGRE was supposed to be occupied by ten people. However, due to a last minute change, four seats were unoccupied. Nonetheless, this was not a big problem since the dinner was a seven course Chinese and some of us were really hungry especially that we have to wait until 9.30PM before we can start eating. There was a brief dinner presentation show done by the hotel staff using the 'Beauty and Beast' popular song ' Be our Guest' just before the dinner and I thought this is something catchy and unexpected.

The outgoing Chairperson for the IEEE Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Norman Mariun of UPM gave the opening remarks and later announced that the new chairperson for this year would be Prof. Dr. Mohd Nasir Taib from UiTM. While the guests were having their dinner, the organiser made several announcements honoring the IEEE members who have contributed to this society and presented them with token of appreciation in the form of plaques. There were also several rounds of lucky draws but so unfortunately, my other half and me were not lucky enough :-) Perhaps, next year our luck could be better insha'allah. Oh yeah, sitting with us on the same table were Sharifuddin and wife, Zamri from SIEMEN and Dr Aznan the technicall adviser to the CEO. Only Zamri got something to bring back from the Lucky draw to the delight of his wife definitely !

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  1. Thanks for having us that night. We certainly enjoyed the evening. No complaint for having to finish the food reserved for Dato' M. Zainal and wife who were hijacked to the VIP table. Engineer-organized dinner function always in relaxed mood and less protocol.