Thursday, February 22, 2007

Trengganu Kite !...Black & White

While in KT, I took at least 300 photos in color. However, I converted few of them in monochrome and some came out to be quite nice. The pictures include images of the Masjid Terapung in Ibai, portrait of my nephew and also Gondai Jr having a splash at the swimming pool. Here they are for your viewing pleasure...


  1. should see this blog..

  2. I like the pic # 1 (the mosque) very much. Sephia tone certainly brings out the nostalgia.

    Some thought on improving the photo, if you don't mind. The foreground (ground before the lake) is distracting. If only you have the mosque and its reflection (full reflection) without the foreground, the image will be stronger I think. Just my 2sen.