Sunday, February 25, 2007

Unsuccessful Try...

How do you make a still object looks moving in a photo ? The answer is zooming and longer shutter speed timing. I was trying this technique late Sunday afternoon just before sunset near the Gerbang Utama roundabout in BJ. Well actually, this was not on purpose as we were driving back from Ikano and as we were reaching the roundabout, the view of the sunset suddenly caught my attention. I quickly pull over by the roadside and looking for a good angle for composing the frame. I found one location behind a tree with the view of the sunset partially blocked, ideal for the snapshot format I was trying to compose. However, my tripod was not with me and this was not good because the view I was about to compose requires at least 0.5s shutter speed. Without a tripod, it's very difficult to have a consistent focus and steady image. Despite this setback, I tried few snaps on the zooming effect and only 1 photo I think deserved to be shown here albeit a sub-standard one.

The view without the zooming technique will be something like this..

Insha'allah, I will give it another try once the opportunity arises. Only this time I must remember to bring my tripod along...

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  1. Dear Gondai,

    Becareful when zooming into the sunlight…! You might damage your camera particularly with slow shuttle speed…nway, your blog nowadays is getting more and more technical….with all the photo jargon etc…and the pictures quality shown is also improved tremendously.. at the rates you are doing, I bet sooner or later you will achieve professional status soon(same as your golf la)

    …. Keep it up a good work !...