Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Trengganu Kite !...The Journey

The last time we made our annual 'homecoming' to Trengganu was during Aidilfitri of 2005. My other-half was born and raised in Trengganu before she left home to enroll at TKC and later to the states for her degree. Since both of my in-laws have already passed away more than a decade now, our trips to Trengganu have reduced in frequency over the years for the obvious reason. Nonetheless, we always try our best to make it a point to come back at least once a year so that our children will be able to know part of their roots and also, to strengthen the family ties among my other-half's siblings and their children.

We made our journey on Saturday morning on the eve of Chinese New Year celebration. As expected, the traffic was a bit busy especially along the KL-Karak highway enroute to the Genting Sempah Tunnel. You can see how busy was the traffic in the photo shown here.

Luckily, the weather on Saturday morning was a bit wet thus the journey was quite pleasant and not too hot and sticky especially at this time of the year. We made few stops along the way and noticeably the rest areas along the East Coast Expressway were also crowded with people heading towards the east coast.
At the rest area, we took the opportunity to stretch out from the tiring journey and especially so for Gondai Jr. You can see how happy he is getting out of the car and jumping and running around with joy !
After few more hours on the road and also a few more stops along the way, we finally made it to the Grand Continental Hotel in the middle of KT close to 7.00PM. GCH will be our home for the next three nights. This is probably our most preferred hotel in KT as its location is perfectly suitable for us. The family room rate is quite reasonably priced on top of its spaciousness and most importantly we only have to get one room for the whole family. The hotel is also located very near to the beach and the surrounding neighbourhood is mixed with modern buildings and also old kampung houses. In fact just behind the hotel, there still exists one dilapidated house reminiscing the old nelayan village where it was once before. I managed to capture this scene of which a modern building stands side-by-side with an abandoned home. The image is almost surreal as the photo was taken using morning sun and clear sky as the light source.

Oh yeah..we also prefer this hotel because it has a small swimming pool on the third floor much to the delight of the kids. Well nowadays, only my son will really enjoy this facility as his three othe sisters are already teenagers and prefer not to swim in the public as they used to be doing not so many years ago. Time really flies. For all you know, the children are already becoming young adults and soon, they will also leave home. The pool was facing the sea and as you sit by the pool, you can actually feel the sea breeze blowing into your face. What a delightful place to be !


  1. Nice pic. hope it's an enjoyable trip.

  2. thanks man...are you ready for the third phase in March ?