Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Towards Better System Reliability and Security

While I was attending the MDP Course at MIM last week, I received a message from the office of the VP that I am invited to present a paper at our division Technical Conference on 13 February to be held in Holiday Villa Subang on behalf of my Chief Engineer and also the department. Knowing that I won't be back to the office not until last Friday, I felt a bit of uneasy on the prospect of giving a presentation without much preparation. However, since the 'message' came from the very top of the division, there's not really much choice for me except to do it. Having done so many presentations before, I didn't really feel apprehensive about the audience but I am a bit particular in the beginning about the topic which was chosen for me to deliver. I was asked to deliver a presentation on the topic of 'Security and Reliability' and this topic is very dear to me as it's actually my job and I know this topic could
be 'heavy' for many who are unfamiliar with the nitty -gritty of power system planning. I was also subtly hinted to make a 'simple' presentation as possible as the audience will be mixed and was asked to send the copy of the presentation by last Thursday, while I was still at MIM.

Thus, the ball started to roll quickly when I called up my trusted assistants to gather the necessary resources and to come up with a 40-minute presentation material by Thursday morning. They did a good job and completed the task on time as I managed to send the file to the organiser,albeit I need to do some changes to suit the theme of the conference.

Today was the day for me to present the material. I was asked to present the paper at 11.30am but only managed to start my speech at 12.30pm, an hour behind schedule because of improper control of time by earlier presenters. Actually I did a massive 'overhaul' of the original materials prepared by my team and I was quite happy with it having given so much thoughts on what will be the best message to deliver.

I renamed my presentation to 'Towards Better Transmission Reliability and Security' with the emphasis on the processes and procedures already develop to tackle this
issue at our department. I started my presentation by asking the audience ' Why do we need better reliability and security' not expecting anyone to answer but rather for everyone to gathertheir thoughts. Well to me, we need better reliability and security for the following reasons.

1. Meeting Statutory Requirement
2. Meeting Stakeholders Satisfaction
3. Maintaining Good Image and Credibility
4. Improving Company’s ‘Bottom line’
5. Securing our Presence & Relevance
6. Setting the Footprint for Future Growth
7. Foundation for Going Global

I also followed up with another question on ' How to achieve the above?' and provide them with the following answers.

1. Ensuring Adherence to Statutory Requirements and Limits
2. Balancing Cost and Reliability
3. Good Internal Processes
4. Continuous Innovation
5. Continuous Staff Competency Improvement
6. Sensitive to Surrounding Changes

Having said and deliberated the above, I proceeded in highlighting the 'importance' of understanding the so-called 'statutory requirements' and showed the audience some major principles that need to be followed and adhered to. I didn't realise that I have taken more than the time allocated for me until the session chairman politely asked me to wrap-up. In my concluding remark, I stressed the importance of having a
structured maintenance program in the transmission division and as much as possible to avoid any ad-hoc planning as this has great impact on the operation planning and thus the company's bottom-line.

I think I have generated some interest among the more senior audience judging on the questions that was asked to me during Q&A session. Alhamdullilah, I managed to answer those questions and hopefully that have provided them with some insight of how professionally and dedicated my department conduct our duty to achieve the company's objectives.

My participation in the conference ended after lunch at slightly after two. I really hope that my presentation has opened up many eyes on the importance of having proper processes and understanding the role of the company in meeting the stakeholders
expectation. Only through understanding of these key principles that we can channel our energy towards realising a better transmission in this beloved nation of ours.

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