Friday, April 13, 2007

5th MBJ Annual Golf Classic...

Yesterday I participated in the MBJ 5th Annual Golf Classic held at the Bunga Raya Course Saujana Golf and Country Club. This is an annual affair organised by the so-called Masjid 'back-benchers' group (BBC) and fully endorsed and supported by the Mosque AJK. As of this year and last year, proceed from this charity golf tournament will be handed over to the Mosque Development fund with the intention to expand the current capacity level of the mosque which is getting smaller now as the population of Bukit Jelutong increases.

Although the golf tournamnet was held in Saujana, the prize giving ceremony and handing over of the donation money collected for the mosque was held at Masjid Bukit Jelutong after Isya prayer.

Golfers who played well in the morning were rewarded with prizes donated by many sponsors of the golf event. Even Mamak Karim Chendol also donated free vouchers for thier rojak and chendol much to the excitement of everyone present. Lucky draw prizes were also given away to almost everyone participated in the golf tournament. Even the imams and bilal of MBJ received some tokens of appreciation from the organising committee. The highlight of the prize giving ceremony is on the amount collected for the mosque this year which amounted to RM50K, doubling last year's figure of RM25K. I am not so sure whether the collected fund from this tournament will make it enough for the masjid expansion plan but it will sure help a lot. One thing for sure, the MBJ backbenchers group has contributed tremendously and I would say, cleverly, in getting corporate sponsorship for the mosque vis-a-vis, getting the qariah to get together in a nice game of golf. Kudos to them for making the event(s) so successful !

Back to the golf tournament, there were 124 golfers participated this time. In fact, the registration for the tournament closed two week ago and there were several people in the waiting list just in case someone cancel. I was informed that Glenmarie GCC tried to persuade the BBC group to organise the tournament at thier venue but was turned down.

Course wise, Saujana is one hell of a golf course. It's not particularly a long course but the greens are small and treacherous. Most people played badly including me and not many people played up to their handicap level. Well, that's normal especially when you are playing a course for the very first time like I did. I did not want to elaborate more on how frustrated I was with my score but, on personal level, I cherished the moment of having to meet many new people of the BJ community whom I did not know before this. I also took few photos of the golf event and hopefully this will linger in my memory for a very long time....

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  1. Kudos to the organizer of this year's MBJ classic under the leadership of YM raja Harun aka Pak Ungku. I was the treasurer of 3rd MBJ classic and I know it is definitely a challenging task to organize such an important event.
    Fresh from my 2 weeks trip to USA I was invited to play under one of the sponsors. For the half day work, I was extremely happy to have managed more than 20 stableford points to take home. On average, I putted slightly more than three times every holes.
    I blamed it on lack of practice and local knowledge.
    I only managed to hit 50 balls while spending the weekend at Seattle while waiting for my return flight home.
    Thanks to few Malaysians residing there that took the trouble to show me their version of Seattle's golf scene.
    During the price giving ceremony that night, I was not lucky enough to grab the grand lucky draw price. I only have the Rojak Karim voucher which i intend to use for the first time after Friday prayer tommorrow.