Sunday, April 8, 2007

Cloud...A Sign of Tragedy ?

Sometime last week I was driving with my other half from BJ towards TTDI Jaya and suddenly notice thick cloud formation overhanging this residential area. Quickly, my mind rekindled with the images of flash-flood which has become a perennial problem for this residential area, much to the anger and sadness of many residence on how the local authority has managed this flood prone area over the last several years.

I have many friends staying in TTDi Jaya and I can understand how they feel whenever the wheather suddenly becomes unfriendlier wet for fear that the they have to be prepared for another round of flood. I myself have personaly experienced flood since my childhood and also when I was staying in Section U1 Shah Alam. But in my opinion, the recurring flash flood haunting the residence of TTDi Jaya can easily beat any of those experiences on flood I have ever experienced in my life for the problem that they are suffering is always repeating and to some extend has become an unsolved problem, at least at this point in time. Definitely the recurring flood in TTDI Jaya will cause drop in its property market and also interruption of business activity whenever it happens.

At the moment, there is a project of raising the enbankment wall along the river passing through TTDI. I really hope that this project will eventually solve the flooding problem of TTDI Jaya as this is one community which I beleive can really flourish to be another excellent residential area in the Shah Alam city.

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