Saturday, April 21, 2007

Antara Dosa & Pahala

I was listening to the lecture by Uztaz Kariman on At-Taubah and the following are some key points which I felt worth to share with to everybody. Consider the following circumstances.

1. Let's say a particular person DOES NOT know that what he is doing is actually haram, e.g. drinking alcohol, zina or riba and keeps doing it like nobody business. Is he considered 'berdosa' or not ?

2. Let's say a particular person knows very well that something is haram to do but for some reason he inadvertently doing it (tak sengaja) ? For instance, eating unintentionally during fasting month or drinking 'beer' which he thought tea. Is he considered 'berdosa' or not ?

3. Let's say a particular person knows very well that something is haram to do and he wanted to do it but for some reason his intention did not materialise. For instance, he ordered a beer intentionally and when the order came and he took a sip, he realised that it was actually tea. Is he considered 'berdosa' or not ?

According to Ustaz Kariman and using several verses in the Quran, only person # 2 is not considered 'berdosa' while person #1 and #3 have done wrong and berdosa. A quoted example of why person #2 is not 'berdosa' is based on one Hadith Sahih from Rasullullah S.A.W about unintentional eating or drinking during fasting month. During Ramadhan, if we forgot that we are fasting (in the day) and drink or eat, we can actually just continue with our fasting until Maghreb time and insha'allah, will be counted as a normal fasting.Rasullullah mentioned this as a 'treat' from Allah to his servant and it will not take away any benefit of fasting from that person.

Person #1 is considered 'berdosa' although he does not know that what he is doing is sinful. He must repent (bertaubat)to clear this sin. In Islam, we are asked to learn and find knowledge as much as possible. Islam does not allow his follower just to sit back and remain ignorant and use this excuse to commit 'dosa'. In Islam ignorance is not a bliss and one must make all the effort to learn and to practice what he learns. Many Muslims know about big sins such as drinking alcohol, not performing the solat,not fasting and others but very few realise that the sin of being lazy is also very big. Islam also forbids his followers from getting 'frustrated' orputus-asa. Allah's rahmat is limitless and once we got frustrated,we are actually insinuating that Allah's is not merciful to us and this is actually a very big sin indeed. Always believe that Allah's help to his servant is always there but if we do not get what we want after trying very hard, we must also believe that this is could be better for us, Al-Baqarah 216.

"...dan boleh jadi kamu benci kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu, dan boleh jadi kamu suka kepada sesuatu padahal ia buruk bagi kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah jualah Yang Mengetahui (semuanya itu) sedang kamu tidak mengetahuinya."

Person #3 is also 'berdosa'. He knows that it is wrong to drink alcohol and he blatantly ordered the beer to fulfil his passion. However, he did not get to drink the beer as his beer was actually switched to tea. In Islam, this person is already considered 'berdosa' and he must repent (bertaubat).

Ustaz Kariman also mentioned that some 'dosa' does not require a person to repent as Allah will give forgiveness if certain conditions have been met. However, 'dosa syirik' is not forgivable just like that unless one repents wholeheartedly. The concept of repentance is repeatedly mentioned in the Quran. Even Firaun who claimed that he is God, was also given chance to repent by Allah and of course, the door of Taubah is always open to everyone no matter how much 'dosa' he has accumulated in his life...Wallahua'lam

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