Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Lucky Day...

We were at the MidValley Saturday morning for a quick weekend outing. At the same time, I was also looking for an oppurtunity to browse through any Laptop PCs on good deals with a desire to get one if the price is right.

Currently at home, we are still using a very old PC (Pentium 3 733MHz) purchased when I was finalising my thesis way back in 1999. Along the way, this PC has gone through several times of upgrade e.g., hard disk, RAM, CD-Writer and many more albeit the only thing haven't changed are the motherboard and the processor itself. With only the children using it to access the Net and sometimes to finish thier school assignments, I don't really see the need for a new faster PC as I also have a notebook from the company for my official use. However, increasing work on my photoshop has prompted me to look for a laptop as I don't feel quite 'at home' to use the official laptop for other use and the home PC is just too slow for graphic processings.

As usual, we prefer to be there early to avoid parking problem and also, to grab early bird discount if needs be. There was a Canon Camera 20th year celebration promotion being held at the concourse level of the mall.

Loads of Canon items such as DSLRs, lenses, printers were on display and some on promotional sale too. I approached a kiosk with Canon EF lenses on display and asked the rep to get the 70-200mm f4L for me to test out with my 350D which I fortunately brought it along. I fired few shots using this lens and needless to say that I was impressed with it's performance particularly on the IS (image Stabiliser) usefulness. I enquired about the price and it is priced at whopping RM4350.0 with two free gifts. One of the free gifts was a miniature Canon DSLR with telefoto zoom lens attached and the other one is Canon EFS Work III, a hardcover book of all Canon lenses which I think worth at least RM150 for the kind of quality it has.

Actually, I really want to have this book but the book is not for sale unless one buys any Canon DSLR or lenses on display. I persuaded the rep and told him to sell the book to me without me having to buy any new DSLR or lenses. After all I said, the 70-200mm is out of stock and I would not be able to buy it still :-)) He then asked me what kind of Canon DSLR I am using at the moment and after I listed down my gears and all the Canon accessories I have bought before, he relented. He quitely said to me that he will give the book for FREE provided and I fill-up a form (survey form). Without hesitation I said yes and got myself the book for free !!! For a second I was feeling like a pro-photographer being treated like that :-}

I was overjoyed to have this book since now I can have the time and more info on future Canon Lens I wish to acquire. After getting the book I proceeded to level 3 of the mall which housed the IT Centre. I straight away went to one of the shop selling Laptop computers and quickly enquired about the Twinhead 12' Notebook with Intel Core Dou Processor, 80GB Disk, 1GHz RAM, CD/DVD Burner and other standard items.

After some research on 12' Laptop, the Twinhead is so far the cheapest in the market and I already made up my mind to get this one for my personal use after getting some advise from my other half who is an IT Consultant by profession. After a bit of negotiating, I bought the laptop and I can only say how satisfied I am with its performance particularly with the graphics. In addition, the notebook is priced as per "PC-FAIR" price and I think it is very reasonable considering the next alternative, Fujitsu 12', is more than 5K in price.

Well, this blog entry is from my new laptop. Now, my conscience is very clear about doing personal things on my PC. Yes, I have to sacrifice my personal saving for this but nothing beats the feeling of knowing that we are not abusing what is entrusted to us. I thank Allah for the rezeki that HE gives us to allow for this to happen..Amin..

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