Monday, April 2, 2007

Swing Analysis...Not as Easy as it Perceived

Golf is something that I wish I really know how to master. In fact, I have been playing this 'chasing the small white ball' game since 1993 when my elder brother, Pak Ngah, talked me into playing this game by hitting some golf balls at the driving range with him. The hobby quickly catched up on me and since then I have been playing this game for countless number of round to date. I also used to be a member of Serendah GC and currently a member at KRTU near my home in Shah Alam. For some reason, I am very inconsistence as far as getting my handicapp lowered or winning any big tournaments. Granted I have won 1 or two tournaments and few 2nd to 10th placed wins but my overall result is still very dissapointing. In fact in 2003 and early 2005, I quitted this game temporarily and focussed on other games such as squash or futsal. However, nothing can actually beat the joy of a good round of golf despite all the inconsistencies I have with this beautiful game.

The most inconsistent area of my game could be attributed to my driving off the tee. On a good day, I can really hit the ball long and straight but on a bad day, I can barely find the fairways. About three weeks ago I discovered that my Adams Redline driver was actually 47'' long (despite having used in for a year now) and longer than the average 45'' length. Initially, I compensated this extre length by choking down the club and I could actually see my driving was improving. Later, I decided that this extra length must go and consulted a golf-pro at BJ driving range and Alhamdullilah, I think I have better control of the driver now than before. Hopefully, my game is going to improve after this and I could achieve to lower down my handicapp by 6 stroke this year, insha'allah.

The following photos are pictures of my friends whom I managed to capture through my lens, of course with thier permissions. Each of them have different and unorthodox swing but in general they are good players. Enjoy the photos and please remember that golf is not an easy game to play. You could be playing the game for ages but that's not a guarantee that you could be good at it !

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  1. Looks like your golf swing follows what one can find in golf textbooks. Credit to the photographer !!!
    I know some of the golfers featured here including ,of course, yours truly.
    Nevertheless, the real challenge in golf is to swing right every time.
    To be successful in golf, just like in life, you have to make less mistakes.
    Happy golfing !!!