Sunday, April 8, 2007

Nature and Human Creation

On Saturday morning, I was invited to play a round of golf with several friends at Sg. Long Golf and Country Club near Cheras-Kajang Highway. Although the pain on my left foot was still lingering due to my gout , I found it hard to let go this invitation as Sg Long GCC is a prestigious club and full of picturesque views. Thus early Saturday morning, I swallowed two Mobic tablets and proceeded with the journey to Cheras. We were supposed to tee-off at 8.00 AM but we were later infomed that SPB Agong and his entourage were playing in a private tournament at the same venue thus we could not start our again until the last flight of his majesty tournament teed-off at about 8.45AM.

I knew that I am not going to play well due to my limping left foot and decided that I would take the oppurtunity to snap as many photos as possible in the golf course. I brought along my DSLR and my 24-85mm lens hoping to get some awesome pictures and ended taking 174 photos with mixed results.

Sg Long GCC is well-maintained club. Its bermuda fairway and medium-speed green are meticulously manicured and so much fun to play. My friends Zamri who is a 14-handicapper, scored a gross of 79 with 3 birdies. I did not play well at all and only managed 4 pars. Luckily, I had my camera with me and snapping photos of my friends kinda relieved me from the pressure to catch-up with the awesome play by Zamri. After completing the Par 5 6th, we took a quick break for drink at the halfway hut and while watching for suitable spot to snap photos, I managed to capture a rare event in my entire golf history as you can see from the following photos.

Beleive me, those photos are genuine and not cut-pasted from other photos using Photoshop CS2 . This 'biawak' was actually making it way to the nearby pond when I tried to catch it near. I only managed a distance of about 40feet before it got agitated and ran away. With maximum focal length or 85mm, the 'biawak' look small in photo#1 and I have to crop it to get a clearer picture as in Photo#2. At that point, I was wishing that I had the 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM lens. Should I had this lens with me, I could have taken a more dramatic photos worth sending to Digital Camera Magazine for competition :-)) So Sifu CD if you are reading this, when do you think this lens can be cheaper to get in Malaysia ? In Amazon, this lens is slightly above US$1000.0 but for some reason, Canon Malaysia is ripping us off by almost 40% more expensive price-tag.

Well, because of the SPB Tournamnet ahead of us, we only managed all 18-hole by almost 2.00PM. It was a long golf outing per se especially with me limping all the way but nonethless I enjoyed it very much for the photo-taking oppurtunity.

Next week on 12th April, insha'allah I will be participating in the Masjid Bukit Jelutong 5th Charity Golf Tournament to be held in Saujana Golf and Country Club. I have never played in this course and really looking forward to playing while donating to the fund of expanding our community mosque. I hope by that time I have recovered from gout and play some awesome golf like Zamri in Sg Long, insha'allah....

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