Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pictures from a Reader : Night and Water

I have been talking to my good friend and also 'personal' consultant on photographic subject Mr CD, on many occassions, and during one of those chit-chat I have asked him to allow me to publish some of his work in my blog. Being a very busy man and most of the time he shoots photos on RAW format, he did not have much time to convert his photos into JPEG format suitable for web publication. Nonetheless, last week he emailed me two photos which according to him were taken during his recent trip to Tanjung Sedili, Johor. Since the photos originally were about 500K in size, I did a bit of adjustment, in terms of cropping and lighting so that the final images were below 40K each and suitable for web viewing.

The photos were taken using his Full-Frame Canon 5D and I can only wish that I have that excellent camera, which at the moment, is beyond my meager salary coupled with other priorities in life which need attention first:-) In his email CD wrote "2 samples for you, it’s not great but for a sample should be fine…yg best tu kita simpan la…cari makan in the future", Thus, judging from his email I can conclude that he has many more excellent photos in his collections and probably require a bit of persuasion from my part to get his email coming in the future..Thanks CD for those shared images and please keep 'em coming for us to cherish !

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  1. Hi Mr Gondai, those are superb photos by your consultant @ Mr CD. Maybe one day he should consider sharing his photos with others as well. Love to read your views on life too.

    New visitor