Sunday, March 25, 2007

2007 Bukit Jelutong Carnival

On Saturday Mac 24th, I took my other half and my son to the BJ 2007 Carnival. Unlike previous years, the carnival for this year was being held in front of the Guthrie Pavilion along the Persiaran Tebar Layar and facing the undeveloped area in front of this BJ landmark . From the published schedule, the carnival was to start at eleven in the morning but we were already there half an hour early as we were actually on our way to KL.

Since we were quite early, we did not have problem locating a parking space nearby the Guthrie Pavilion. The first thing that we could notice from afar upon approaching the carnival area was the presence of the Guthrie Hot Air Balloon. We could see there were already many people lining up to taketheir turn to 'fly' on the balloon although the line was not that long. I was told that it cost RM10 per person for this ride and also some health declaration form that needed to be filled up for any interested visitors before hopping up on the balloon basket.I initially thought this might be a good idea because if I am up there on the balloon basket, I could get a nice view of the carnival for my photos. However, I didn't fancy the idea of waiting in line and thus decided to abandon this idea.

There were several luxury car promotions under the makeshift tents and we could see cars like Audi TT, Brabus, Jaguar and many more on display. There were also many tents selling food and also many merchandise items on promotion. Many companies like ASTRO , Insurance, and others were also seen to have booths in this event. Carnival atmosphere was omnipresent as there were several clowns entertaining the little ones and giants temporary 'play-pents' could also be seen nearby the golf driving range.

We spent nearly an hour exploring the carnival venue and I think the organiser of this event has done a very good job. Although I did not buy anything or play anything as we are running out of time and in a bit rushing to KL, I can sense that the carnival was a success. Hopefully, Guthrie can continue make this event and annual affair for the joy and benefit ofBJ folks.

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