Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Motivational Qoute...

While browsing some stationery items at one of the nearby supermarket recently, I stumbled upon a spiral notebook with inspirational quotes on every page. I thought this is a very good idea by the publisher of this notebook to have quoted words of wisdom albeit the publisher did not quote the sources from where those words were taken. Nonetheless I bought the notebook for RM12.90 thinking that this could be a good motivational words to share with everyone in the office. Thus, I brought the notebook to the office and have K@k L@t typed it into one single document and believe me you that all the quotations is about four pages long ! Thanks to K@k L@t for the help !

From today onwards, Insha'allah, I will publish three quotes per blog until I have exhausted the list. I hope you will like it and feel free to spread it to anyone you know...

Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievements

A Leader Is One Who Dares To Take The Plunge, While Others Hesitate

A smile cost nothing but when it comes to service .. means everything


  1. All pictures are taken from Monterez Golf Club about 2-3 km from BJ..first pond is Hole #3 and the other two pics are near Hole #8...